Genyoutube 100% Free Youtube Video and Audio Downloader.

Genyoutube is a content downloading platform. Where you can download youtube videos directly. I explained Youtube video download using Gen youtube. Youtube is the world’s largest media platform, from where 1000 or more video uploads in and watch in a day.

Youtube is an online streaming platform where billions of videos there. Essentially youtube is a simple video streaming platform and it was founded 14 years ago. Its headquarter is available in California, us. Many of peoples earn thousands of dollars from youtube by uploading different videos.

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What is Youtube Video Downloader?

Youtube Video Downloader is a website where you can download any video of youtube directly into your memory card. There is many youtube downloaders are available in the market, this is the popular one.  

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GenYoutube or Youtube Video Download Platform Genyoutube

Gen youtube is a superfast youtube video download platform. You can download any youtube video using this video download platform. This free video downloader provides a different type of content format to download.   This downloader downloads any youtube video in Mp4, Mp3, webmp, 3gp, flv in both low and high quality.  

Features of GenYoutube

  • Using Genyoutube you can download your youtube video in any format.
  • You can see a clean preview image ( screenshot ) or play your video before download it.
  • The search bar of the video downloader is similar to youtube, so you can more familiar with it. Sort your content using sort option in the youtube video downloader.
  • Gen Youtube uses a super fast script which handles multiple youtube video download at a time without faltering.
  • If you don’t have enough data then you can download videos in low quality.
  • All restricted videos of youtube are available in this free video downloader.

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How to Download Youtube Videos using Genyoutube

GenYoutube made easy to download any youtube video easily. Genyoutube has three methods to download any youtube video  

  1. Pasting Link
  2. Adding Gen in Url
download video using genyoutube,genyouube,genyoutube

1.Pasting link

If you have time then the best method to download a youtube video is by pasting the video link on genyt website. Follow the below step –

  • Open the Homepage of Genyoutube.
  • Download youtube video using video link specifying on top of every video. Copy the video link.
  • Download your favourite video of youtube and save offline in your storage.  

The second method to download youtube video is by putting “gen” in the starting of the yt url. Steps are given below –

2.Adding Gen in Url

  • Open Youtube and search the video you want to download.
  • Now open that youtube video URL and put “gen” at the beginning of the URL.
  • Click ok now you will redirect to genyoutube page and you interface like below image.
  • Congrats your Videos is ready to download now click on Generate Download Link and you get a varieties option to download videos in a different format.

How i Download Youtube Video as a Mp3 using GenYoutube?

Open Genyoutube Website and Follow anyone above step and now the key thing you to do to download a youtube video.

Now the genyoutubes video download dashboard is open now click on Generate Download link. Now you see some various video formats available to download.


Check mp3 option is available or not if not then click on Alternate link which is available in the right side.

genyoutube mp3 download
genyoutube mp3 download

How is GenyouTube different from YouTube?

In the market, so many youtube downloader websites are there all are third party websites. Also, gen youtube is a third party site and it gives an option to download any youtube video in different formats or resolutions.

Note: – It is not an official youtube video downloader.

  1. Can I download YouTube videos as .mp3 with GenyouTube?

    Yes you can you add open genyt and click on alternative link you saw option to download of mp3.

  2. Is the Genyoutube Website Charges to download a Youtube?

    No, genyoutube or genyt is a free website where you download any youtube video fro free.

  3. Is Genyoutube part of Youtube?

    The answer is no genyoutube is a third party website which allows users to download youtube video.

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