Best Cloning Apps For You to Use Multiple Apps on Single Device. 1

Best Cloning Apps For You to Use Multiple Apps on Single Device.

If you have a wish to run multiple accounts on your smartphone then the best method is you may start cloning an app by the help of app cloner.

Most of the people don’t know about cloners what is and how we create multiple clones of an app.

Most of the smartphones come with inbuilt cloner but they don’t support all apps basically, they support FB and WhatsApp but we want more so app cloner is necessary.

App Cloner For Android and Ios

If you also facing this kind of problem then don’t worry after reading this post you will clone your favourite of numbers of times as you wish.

If you know about app cloning then you must try some apps but some apps create an error if you clone more than two.

What is app Cloner?

App Cloner is an application that is essentially designed to make a duplicate of the base app and the duplicate app works exactly like the base app.

The app cloner is available for android and ios and the apps give you a platform where you manage your account in one device.

Some apps don’t allow you to use multiple accounts in one device but the clone app allows to use multiple accounts in one device. 

If your device hanks if you clone your apps then you can use Emulator which can smoothly run your apps on laptop or desktop.

How app Cloner Works?

The app cloner creates a copy of the base app and installs it on with a different name to differentiate between base and clone app.

Now take as an example Facebook app is available in a device and the app cloner clones Facebook and install it with a different name like “facebook1”.

Cloning of App is safe or not?

Don’t worry it is absolutely safe for the device but you may consider always download the cloning application from trusted websites. App cloners only a medium, which is used to clone an app.

7 Rated App Cloners For Smartphones

Are you ready to clone numbers of app using the cloner android app. So resume reading to knowing about different cloning apps.

1.Dual Space – Android

Dual Space is available in play store for free and the total downloads of this app are 100M+ so obviously it is a good app for cloning android applications. Now we look for the features of this app and what apps we clone.

App Cloner
App Cloner

The most important feature is it fully supports WhatsApp cloning some cloning apps create some error when we clone apps but these apps don’t create any issue. You can create copies of most of play store apps.

Download – Dual Space

2.Parallel Space – Android

Parallel Space is the King of cloning apps this app has serves many features to users for cloning and this app has rating of 4.6 star and 100M+ downloads available in play store.

App Cloner
App Cloner

You can clone any app using parallel space but some apps create a launching issue if we clone using parallel space. For smooth running of apps, it provides a booster in space.

Download – Parallel Space

3. Do Multiple Accounts – Android

This app is available for Android devices and you can install it from play store it is free to download. You can clone one app in to numbers of the app but this app gives you a booster that clears your device cache with one click.

4.App Cloner – Android

App cloner is available in both free and paid, if you choose free then it displays ads in the app but if you purchase paid then no ads display. You can download it from the play store. This an average app for the cloning of android apps.

Download – App Cloner

5.Dr.Clone – Android

The tag line of this app is “one phone two accounts” you can belive this app for the cloning process, this app has 4.2 ratings with 500K downloads. You can dont worry about its security because this app is designed by trend micro Incorporated which is an antivirus company. 

App Cloner

This app also has a liter version for low specific phones the app name is “Dr.Clone 64bit”. The review of this app is good so you don’t buffer about your safety.

Download – Dr.clone | Dr.Clone 64bit

6.Parallel Space – iPhone

ios app cloner,iphone app cloner

You get all the features the same as android parallel space but the tiny thing is you can download this from app store.

Download – Parallel Space

7.Dual App – iPhone

Dual app allows you to access multiple social accounts in ios devices and this app is available in ios app store and you get all the features of a cloning app.

Download – Dual App


If you have multiple accounts and want to run all accounts or apps on your phone then the best thing is app cloning. I prefer you if you clone apps then try to clone one app twice or thrice because if create more then your phone might be run slow.

Clone your favourite apps and enjoy. If you have any kind of query then comment in the description.

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