Now Your Earning is Double – Clixsence was changed to Ysense after server maintenance.

In an online money-making platform, the most paid or most trusted site is clixsence, this website starts in 2007 and many peoples can earning form this website. Clixsence was a best GPT (Get paid to Site ), site in the online earning platform, Clixsence provides online surveys, Cash offers, F8-Tasks.

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Clixsence website had maintenance in 1Aug 2019 and after maintnance this website changes to Ysense means the domain name of the website becomes changed.

After domain change there is no change in website structure and it can add some new ideas to the website to improve to thia website.Normally domain is redirected to and starts the website from join us page.

Actually, if we say nothing is changed in clixsence website becomes to create a new member in clixsence. Ysense has all of the same features as well add some new features. 

Whats New :

Nothing is changed in Ysense website is same as previous one and by adding some new features to customer get happy for it.

  • New earning opportunity means we can get surveys from new provider like ProdegeMr, offers to make money from top brands like Uber and Tidal and we will start adding new ways to earn overtime.
  • New Reward option comes like PayPal, Gift card from top global brands like Amazon and More.
  • It provides MasterCard or Visa for top selected countries.

Ysense now offers different payout facility like Paypal, Payoneer and skrill. These three popular wallets offer in ysense and most os ysense users satisfy with this payout options.

Affiliate Program :

The richest affiliate program in this industry. The referral earnning tearms & conditions is same as previous.

Bonous Opportunities :

  • Weekly task contest is paused for this week but it resumes from next week.
  • Earn Daily Checklist Bonus as per rule in the Ysense website (Rule link ).
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