Earn 1$ Per Day By creating your app In MobiniCube | MobiniCube Review

The title defines Earn money $1 Per Day with mobinicube, and I will explain how you will earn $1 in a day.In today’s life, everyone can want to earn something from sitting back in the home, someone wants I will earn by affiliate marketing another one wants by posting videos on youtube, etc. But I have a good solution for all and earn more by this method.

In day to day life, every second is important for everyone. The  monthly salary of a person is not enough for him. If you have work potential to earn more then you have earned more how as much you want, only one thing do hard work as well as smart work.

Mobinicube is a platform where you can create an app without any coding knowledge and place AdMob ads for earning from advertising.
Steps to Create MobiniCube account –

  • Search Mobincube.com and sign up with your mail.
  • It has three sign up option ( Google+, Facebook, Twitter and manually registration.
  • If you will sign up with a social account then you didn’t require any detail, I prefer you can choose manually registration by filling (username, password, mail).
  • Now you got a mail to verify it and you will successfully register.

After logging, in the top left screen, you will see your created apps and create a new app.

You can create new apps as per your requirement and publish your app in play store.

This app has started with Six plans and the first plan is free and in free mode, you cannot monetize your app. For publishing and monetizing your app you must have to purchase this plan :

Subscribe any one premium plan and start earning. Earning Money From survey Sites Read….

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