What is Adsense & How Does it Work?

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If you have a blog or render to create a bog in the future then you definitely know about Adsense, if your answer is no then don’t worry I will give a piece of clear information about What is Adsense and how does it work.

Google Adsense is the worlds leading ad network and every blogger wants to earn a passive income from Adsense.

If you are a blogger and your blog is don’t monetize with Adsense then you must read Top 5 Adsense Approval Trick.

I give you assured guarantee after reading Adsense approval post you must Monetize your blog.

I have a website of 2 months old and I get a minimum amount of traffic to my website and my Adsense account is fully approved, so what is Adsense and how does it work.

How google adsense works, what is adsense?

What is Adsense?

Adsense owns Google and it is a leading ad network that serves ads in various platforms of publishers.

I think you know the worlds best Search Engine is Google. You don’t believe google receives 63,000 queries per second.

In the whole world, 73% of traffic comes from Google search engine.

Advertisers want to display ads to targeted users and they pay to google Via Adwords. Now Google decides where and how we display that targeted users.

The main job of Adsense is it display ads on a different platform and shares revenue with publishers as per t&c. 

Adsense Mainly displays ads on three platform –

  • Youtube
  • Blogger
  • Websites / Blog ( Approved by Adsense Team )

From the above three platforms first and second are own products of google and there are revenue share is different according to the third one.

Eligibility For Adsense Account  

The first requirement is if you have a Youtube Channel, blog or website then you are eligible to apply for Adsense.

Now the second requirement is your content must be as per Adsense t&c and it follows google’s guideline then you are eligible for Adsense, now you can monetize your website using Adsense and generate revenue by placing ads.

Youtube Channe – If you have a Youtube channel then you can monetize your channel easily.

Blogger – It also googles products and you can monetize easily.

Website – In this platform, you have required to apply for Adsense manually, if you qualify then monetize.

How much I earn from Adsense?

If you want to earn more from Adsense then you must get a huge amount of traffic.

It totally depends on your website traffic or youtube channel views, if you have more traffic or view then more revenue.

If you drive 1M traffic in a month then you may income $100 in a month easily, but if your traffic is purey comes from US, UK, and well-developed country then this 1M traffic generates more than $100+.

How Does Adsense Works?

Already I explained the main role of Adsense is it displays ads on a different platform in different forms.
Adsense doesn’t link with the advertiser it only links with Publisher.
Adsense works on two bases as per publishers

  • CPC ( Cost Per Click )
  • CPM ( Cost Per Mile )

If you display Adsense ads on your site then it pays you for every ad click or for every 1000 impression of ads.

If your website doesn’t get click then also Adsense pay you because it comes with CPM and overall you earn $1 to $5 for 1000 impressions.

If you are eligible for Adsense then you may read the guide of Adsense approval.

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