What is Domain and how I purchase? – Top Domain Registrars 2020

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In the world, 1.94 Billion websites available and every website have a domain name as well hosting. In every second the number of the website keep changes.

domain name registrars

Every website may be big or small every website consist of a domain name and hosting. Again some companies serve hostings for free like “blogger.com”.

Blogger serves a subdomain for her customers to create a blog free of cost and if you want then you may link a personal domain or not, but the hosting is free of cost.

If you have a website then the website requires a domain name and you will purchase domains form Domain Registrars.

Now we come to our main point why a domain and hosting is required for a website, if domain really needs to grow website then we purchase a domain from which website and how to get the answer of your all question read the full article.

What is Domain?

Primarily domain name is the identity or signature of a website, actually, every website has a particular IP assigned by the provider. Every search engine knows the particular IP is equal to a particular domain.

If anyone searches a website then search engine matches the IP of the website if the IP matches then it displays your result. Now one question is bouncing in your mind why IP assigns to a domain name.

The internet is fully based on IP address, also the servers run on DNS (Domain Name Server). Internet understands IP that’s why it assigns to domains.

What is Domain Registrar?

Domain registrar is a business where domains are selling to customers and the main work of domain registrar is to reserve the detail of the domain owner and provide an IP to domains.

In the world, there are various domain registrars available but I will explain the top 4 domain registrars for the readers.

Top 10 Domain Registrars in the Year 2020

In 2019 there are many websites available where you can purchase domains and host for your website, but I will describe the top 10 trusted domain registrars in the year 2020.


Domain.com website was founded in the year 2000, this company is owned by Endurance International Group. The reason behind its first choice for domain registrar is it provides domain in cheap price.

Domain registrar

Especially it avails all type of TLD’s Domain with the second important service will also available which is hosting. You will get a premium domain also.

Prime Features

The prime feature of this domain registrar is you get TLDs (top-level domains) at cheap price. This website additionally provides web hosting which starts from $3.75/month.
This website avails three hosting plans which are “Basic”, “Delux” and “Ultra”. The best feature of this website is if you purchase any hosting plan you will get a free SSL certificate with unlimited hosting. 

You can contact customer care with chat or phone as your wish and you will contact customer care 24/7. If you are starting a new website then visit the website.


Godaddy is an American domain registrar company, mainly this company’s sales domain and web hosting. Its headquarter is available in Scottsdale, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware.

The reason behind the second-best domain registrar is it avails domains at cheap cost, the domain level doesn’t matter it avails at most cheap.
In GoDaddy the domain starts from $0.99. Mainly this website advertises in television and newspaper to aware of his website.
In the whole world more than 17 billion people use Godaddy domain or web hosting.  

Prime Feature

Apart from domain registration, the company sells web hosting, domain transfer, professional mail, and different online securities for customers in low price.
If you have a popular domain and want to know the exact value of the domain or sell the domain the Godaddy will help you for valuation or sale.

You get 24/7 support in Godaddy, the engaging Godaddy support feature is you will directly choose your product category and contact directly.
Most time you will purchase TLDs using some coupon code which makes a discount from your purchase amount.

Buy a domain Using Coupon code “GDD99COM1” then you get an 80-90 percent discount on your domain. I suggest you before purchasing a domain you must use a discount coupon to get your product at a cheap price.


Bluehost is mainly a hosting company, its reputation is high in the field of hosting. This company founded in the year 2003 and owned by Endurance International Group.


Bluehost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and WooCommerce hosting. According to some reports, Bluehost hosts more than 2 billion websites in the world.

Prime Feature

The main reason for choosing this website because if you purchase hosting in Bluehost then it avails a domain name for free with lifetime validity.

You get nearly 95 – 98 percent speed in every hosting. Now we go for support if you purchase a hosting then you get a 24/7 support from Bluehost team.


NameCheap is reputed and accredited with ICANN and this company was started in the year 2000. Mainly this company has a domain registrar.

namecheap registrar

This company has 4 million domain distributes in the world. To avails all features for customers they market hosting, security certificate, apps, and logo.

Prime Feature

The key feature of this website is you can register as a individual, business and reseller. If you want to sell a domain you may register as a reseller in Namecheap.

The pricing of this website is starting at $1. It also offers web hosting and that are shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and more.

If you have an issue with your DNS then you will get a free DNS option on the Namecheap website. Namecheap avails the migrate option to fill secure with her customers.

How I purchase a Domain For my Website

If you really want to purchase a domain or hosting for your website then continue your reading. The basic requirement to buy a domain name or hosting an email account, it may be personal or free email.

Steps to Purchase

  1. Search any domain registrar website in your search bar.
  2. Open it and search your domain name.
  3. If the domain is available then the domain status display available and serves an option to add cart.
  4. Now add into cart and create an account using your email.
  5. The last step provides your detail and uses any payment method provided by the domain registrar.


I will briefly explain the top 4 platforms from where you can purchase the pillar of the website which are domain and hosting. If you really gain some knowledge then share this article with others and give a chance to others.

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