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Have you are looking for dofollow instant approval blog commenting sites list with Dofollow attribute on the internet???


If you check any authoritative or quality website then they have lots of backlinks which helps him to grow faster on blogging. Another important point is backlink is an important ranking factor of Google.

To build a successful blog in 2020 the important key is Dofollow backlinks which boost up your website authority as well post ranking on the search engine.

If you unaware about backlinks then read What is backlinks & is it really works in 2020?

In this post, you will get a detailed chart list of High DA PA Dofollow blog commenting sites list. Now after reading this post you will create unlimited Dofollow backlinks easily.

In 2020 if you want to create a high quality Dofollow backlink then you require to put lots of effort like – Ask for Guest posting or pay some other website to give you a backlink.

In my opinion, the best way to create backlink is blog commenting so read the list of blog commenting sites. You found many posts on google for comment backlinks but most of the site links are not working or not approving instantly.

If you are already playing some comment backlinking then you saw some of high Da blogs don’t approve your comment, the reason behind this is your comment looks like spam.

So the solution to get comment backlinks from any site instantly is your written comment must be relevant to that post and remember if you wrote anything which looks spam then your site may be penalized so write which relates to that post.

Now you get little idea about comment backlinks, so we start the journey of dofollow instant approval blog commenting sites list.

Begin the journey of dofollow Backlinks…..

Before having the journey first you must know about some points of blog commenting.

When a new blogger started her journey then he doesn’t know about backlinks or the power of backlinks.

They at first read some article where he gets some idea about backlinks and started creating backlinks. If that blogger has a budget then create paid backlinks otherwise started creating anonymously backlink in any site.

First you need to know about Comment Backlink?

What is Blog Commenting or Comment Backlinks?

You see a section after every article there is blank space or comment space available to ask some questions or give your opinion regarding that particular post.

In WordPress, you get an option to use different comment systems that are –

  1. Disqus Comment System
  2. Facebook Comment System
  3. Base Comment system
  4. Livefyre Comment System
  5. Intense Debate Comment System

There are so many comment systems are there but most of the bloggers use the first three commenting systems because they are easy to user-friendly..

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How to Create Backlink by Putting Comment

Every blog gives a comment section to all the users to give own response. If your posts comment engagement is more than you consider that post must be useful for reader.

For commenting on others blog most of cases you put your details ( Name and Email),your website URL and comment space.

In the comment space you write about your openion and your website url. That url you put that converted into dofollow backlink from that site.

In blogger your comment approve instantly but in other cms your comment go for approval.

Now you follow these steps to get approval….

1.Alaways write Relavent comment on that post.

2. Remember Your Comment must be look real.

If above two points not meet in your comment then that will disapprove by blog admin.

Now you get a backlink from that post.

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list

Sl.NoURL For Dofollow Backlinks

Download all dofollow websites urls using above download button.

FAQ For Blog Commenting Sites Instant Approval

  1. Do Comment Backlinks are Always Considered as a Good Links by Google?

    No, sometimes you get a penalty for some comment backlinks if that sites spam score is high.

  2. How to identify Spam Score of a Website?

    For checking spam score you can use Moz bar extension or so many online sites available to check spam score.

  3. How many Backlinks we make in a day according to SEO?

    If you go for comment backlinks then i prefer you create 2 backlinks in a week and remind all backlinks are create for your home page.


Now you think is it really possible to rank a website on google with the help of comment backlinks the answer is yes. Because when I started this blog I started creating comment backlink and now I got a good amount of traffic to my website.

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