Hidden Features of MX player Every user Must Know.

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Are you watching videos or movies on your smartphone then you definitely know about MX Player? if your answer is yes then you must know about these features.

Hidden Features of MX player Every user Must Know. 3

Mx Player was launched on 18 July 2011 as a non-OTT app, again mx player was launched on 20 Feb 2019 as an OTT app, it means you can use MX Player as an offline video player or you can use as online media streaming player like youtube.

Commercial this player supports 62 languages, mx player is South Korean based company and developed by J2 interactive company. The main reason for people liking this player it supports all features like windows vlc player.

This app was also available for Android and ios for free. The interface of the app is simple and easy to use and this app has served different features to users but some people don’t know about the features the main motive of this article to aware of the hidden features.

If you are an MX Player user then read the full article to know about the hidden features of Mx Player.

1.Whatsapp Status Saver Plugin

The Best feature you got in this player is you can save or download any WhatsApp status from your Whatsapp account. It may be your friends Whatsapp status or colleague Whatsapp status.

This Whatsapp plugin works like other Whatsapp saver app available in the play store. Then you can uninstall another Whatsapp saver application from your device.

2.Dark Theme

Basically google tries to roll out Dark theme feature for her all google support apps and some apps of apps support dark mode or Dark theme. This service can save your battery in night mode and increase your experience at night which decreases your eye pressure due to low brightness.

3.MX Creator

Mx creator is the platform where you can generate revenue from J2 Interactive by uploading videos. This creator service will work like youtube creators. It may be popular in the future so I suggest you start uploading videos in MX player as a creator.

4.Music or Video Player

Mx player tries to avails all online entertainment services in one platform thats why day by day it increases different services. You will use mx player as a video player it may be online or offline but also you can use this as an online or offline music player.

“Gaana” is integrated into Mx Player to use as a simple music player. You get all features the same as gaana app and experience to seem less music.
Mx Player tries to avail of new web series and youtube trending videos and movies in the OTT platform. You can use this app as an online and offline player.

5.Subtitle Modification

In the whole world different languages available but most of the people know English language and if anyone wants to watch a movie but the movie is available in the un-understandable language then you can use subtitles to experience movies.  

Mx player avails you to add subtitle in every movie, take an example if your interested to watch a Spanish movie but you don’t understand the Spanish language then you can download subtitle and understand the movie easily.

You can customize the subtitle of the player. You got the feature to customize subtitle fonts, colors, and sizes as per your requirement.

6. Audio Decoder

Mx player features and secrets

The audio decoder is a codec whose work is encoded or decode audio from different files. In a video, the audio is there is encoded from the decoder decode the audion and play in Mx Player.

In MX player you get varieties of codecs to support different videos, if you are playing dual audio content then it may not play if ARMv7 Codec is not available. If you face any codec problem then you can download the codec from play store and enjoy the movie or video.

how to download whatsapp status

How to Save Whatsapp Status in Mx Player?

  1. STEP-1

    Install and open Mx Player App in your SmartPhone.

  2. STEP-2

    how to download whatsapp status using mx player

    Now Click 3 lines available in Left top Screen.

  3. STEP-3

    how to download whatsapp status using mx player

    Here you see Whatsapp Status Saver Option, click on that.

  4. STEP-4

    Now open Whatsapp and See that Status Video You want to Downlaod

  5. STEP-5

    how to download whatsapp status in mx player

    Your work is Done now Open Mx Player and Whatsapp Status Download option, you see the video is available to download.

  6. STEP-6

    In that video you see a download option click on and download the Whatsapp Status Video.

  7. STEP-7

    how to download whatsapp statsu

    Now you see the Whatsapp status is Downloaded.

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