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Work from home and earn is common. 2Captcha is a website that is designed to solve the captcha and earn. It provides two types of captcha normal captcha and image plus Recaptcha.

Usually, it contains image captcha, works of captcha to identify robot activity in websites.

Captchas are mainly used in online surveys, social network websites. 2captcha displays for solving different types of captchas for verifying the difficulty for humans. In captcha solving site earning is low as compared to other online earning websites.

Usually, 2captcha can provide a different reputation as per your working sustainability, it gives $1 for 1000 re-captcha solve.

No one can prefer this job because it takes more time to earn so it is good for beginners who want to earn something online.

How do you earn money from typing 2captcha!

As a worker in 2captcha, you get to earn money for solving different captchas correctly, the website has two types of captcha normal and re-captcha.

This work is easy and you can earn some money easily by filling the captcha, after completing your work you can withdraw easily.

The captcha reputation (reputation shows your earning per captcha)is based on your performance. The normal captcha value is low as compare to ReCaptcha.

Work in re-captcha :

In normal captcha and re-captcha, there is no difference both are the same but re-captcha is slightly difficult from normal captcha. Re-captcha has a good rate. Today rate of 1000 norma captcha is $0.86 and the re-captcha rate is $1.

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Order captcha for Your website :

2captcha takes order for delivering suitable captchas to your website. It takes 0.50 – 1 USD for 1000 captcha.

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What is Good about 2captcha?

After getting everything we know what are good things on this website.

The best thing that I liked about 2captcha is that they pay in cash, so there’s no need to worry about redeeming points for gift items, cash cards, and more since you will already be earning in cash.

The cash out is low, as you only need to earn $0.5 to be able to cash out already, which you can likely do in an hour or more.

It is free and easy to join, as 2captcha doesn’t really ask too many details or information about you before you can become a member.

You can earn, even if you don’t answer any captchas yourself as long as you are able to refer people who will answer the captchas or purchase captchas from the website.

What is Bad about 2Captcha?

If we consider as an experienced worker nothing is bad on this website but for new commerce, there is a big problem. The worker can make more mistakes then 2Captcha block that account.

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is 2captcha is Legit or Waste of Time?

For those who don’t have any other knowledge and want to earn online, this is a fit for them. You get $1 by just solving 1000 captchas.

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How to Create 2Captcha Account

If you want to know how to create a 2captcha account then continue this article. For creating an account in 2Captcha is simple, only one email id is required for sign up.

Steps to signup 2captcha account

  • Browse 2captch website for sign up.
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  • If you sign up for working then click Work for 2Captcha otherwise Order Captcha.
  • Now enter mail address and password, click register.
2captcha support,2captcha bot
  • A plain dashboard with three options I’AM A Customer, Worker, or Developer Choose “I’AM AWorker”.
2captcha support,2captcha bot
  • Now your account is created successfully but one verification process is not completed, verify your entered mail in 2 captchas.
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AutoCaptcha Solver is really legit or not

I have already explained in the above article about 2Captcha. If you are asking for auto captcha solver then there is no app available in the market.

In market some applications there who claim, it solves captcha automatically but it’s wrong. All available applications or extensions do not work.

In the 2captcha website an application is there for windows whose name is RunCaptchaBot.exe but it cant fill captcha automatically. But some extra features it gives to users.

RunCaptchaBot.exe software provides multiple windows and you can solve two captchas at a time and increase your earning.

You can solve captcha flexibly using this software and the rate for 1000 Recaptcha is $1 to $2.

How to configure RunCaptchaBot

This software easy to use or configure. First, download the software from its official site or from this link.

You have required Your account API key which is available in your 2captcha profile.

Note: Don’t share your API key with others for different security reason.

Steps to configure:-

  • Download the software from the link http://download.2captcha.com/CaptchaBotEN.zip
  • Now Install it on your computer, during installation it asks some permissions accept all.
  • Now the software is installed.
  • Open the software you get a popup window open, Paste your API key and increase your earning.

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