Neobux Strategy For Earning $100 to $500 Per Month, NeoBux Review

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Written By Ramkrishna jena

I will give Neobux Strategy to increase your earning or if you are not registered then you will register immediately after reading Neobux review.


I have got $100 per month from Neobux that’s why i prefer Neobux and today i will give review about neobux and Neobux Strategy to earn more.
How to Register In NoeBux ?

  • Search in Google 
  • Now click on and in the top right side Register option is then click on it.
  • Now fill up a username, password, email, birth year and referral code if you have otherwise left it.
neobux register
  • Now read and agree on terms and conditions of neobux and click continue.
  • Now you have got a verification mail on your registered mail click on the verify mail and verify it.
  • Now open login page of neobux or this link Login.
  • In Login page it displays for entering usernam,password and secondary password. You can enter your username and password and clik login.
neobux login
  • Sometimes a captcha will appear in login page for human verification is or not.
  • Now you are successfully Create your neobux account and your neobux dashboard is open.
neobux dashboard

NeoBux Interface:Neobux having six pages and that are :-

  • View Advertisement
  • Mini Job
  • Survey
  • Games
  • Offers
  • Forums
  • Faq    

View Advertisement :-

Neobux is a PTC website which means paid to click, it can pay when anyone can click then it pays for it. In view advertisement page you will open advertisement and stay 1sec in that site and you get 0.001 dollars for it. Daily 10 to 30 the number of advertisements is available for every neobux worker.

Neobux has another lottery feature in the advertisement page you have got for a prize click fro ever click on fixed advertising and you have a chance to earn more with that AdPrize.

Mini Job :-

Mini job is a freelancing task from where you can earn as per limit of the tasks by formatting or from data entry, Neobux can make parternership with figure-eight team for that mini Job. 

As a example : figure eight gives a job like you can find some persons working detail like working location, position in work, work experience or is retired etc. you can fill up these detail and you will earn your for that work.

Survey :-

Maximum earning from neobux is coming from survey because in survey there is no limit of survey you complete. Minimum survey rate is $0.19 or higher it can  $1,$2 or more so this is the main method of earning in neobux.

neobux survey

For applying Neobux strategy you must visit to the website 4 to 5 times and make sure you must complete the daily task.

Neobux has two types of survey opportunity Daily survey like you can access this survey unlimited times and another survey is it can appear as per cint requirement, this surveys can use only one time.

Daily Surveys Consist of Polish,Surveytime, YourSurvey, YunoSurvey etc and you can access unlimited times this surveys in a day.

Games :-

In game session also you can earn unlimited times but there is fixed rate of earning in each session mens you can earn $0.001/ Game.It having some Rules and regulation for playing game.

Rules and limits :-

1. The minimum play time needs to be 2 minutes. You can play less but you won’t be credited.

2. Up to 100 game sessions per 24 hours. You can play more but you won’t be credited after surpassing the limit.

3. To get credited you should complete a game either by winning or losing it, have a score higher than zero and click on “Continue” or “Submit Score”.

4. The “Play now” button generates a link that will allow you to play and earn for 120 minutes. You must return to this page and click the button again to continue earning after that period has elapsed.

5. Quitting too many games without winning or losing and / or blocking advertisements and / or attempting to change data such as high-scores (and other) will lead to the removal of the privilege of earning from games.

6. When playing multiplayer games you must win and click on “I’m Ready Now!” to get credited.

7. Rewards are instantly credited to your Main Balance.


In offer tab user can earn good income because it has five gpt site to complete her offer and earn coins. Mainly this page is for smartphones.

In offer page campaign name are offertoro,, AdsenceMeia, AdgateMedia, ReveueUnivarsal. In offer page you can earn from completing some surveys, installing application on android device, watching video, quiz etc.

Fourm :

In fourm page you can ask for any help or you will write any problem you face in neobux website.

Faqs :

Facts page is actually about page and from this page you can know about the website like how you complete surveys, offers, Tasks, and How you payout your earning.

Payout :

Neobux have three type of payout method that are :

  1. Neteller  
  2. Skrill
  3. AirTm 

 Are You want to earn $500 or more in a month :

Definently you will make more in neobux but you have require more patience in PTC site for more earning. But you cant earn more from clicking advertising so you make patience for surveys and mini jobs.

Steps to Earning :

  • NeoBux every day gives 15 ads then you will minimum earn in a day is 0.001*15 is 0.012 then monthly is 0.36 which is more and you get adPrize view for each advertisement and you can earn from this is $50,$40,$30…. or more.
  • You must sure you can earn from 5 to 10 surveys in a day.
  • Open neobux website three or four times in a day: Morning (5-7 am), Afternoon (12-2), Evening (6-7 pm), Night (10-11 pm). you have got more surveys in these times or basically this is working hours for the survey.   
  • You can check every day at 10 am for mini-jobs updates. The mini-jobs will provide as per your performance so complete the mini-jobs fast and accurately.
  • The rental referral is the most earning method in Neobux so you can buy some rental referrals from neoubux and earn more.

Neobux Strategy : –

  • Try to Complete all advertisement task every day.
  • Open Neobux website 4 to 5 times per day for watching surveys are available or not.
  • Extra income from figure eight task means you can earn something extra by completing the f8 task.      

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