7 Unique Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings

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If you are a blogger then you definitely want to know your keyword position in Google ( Checking Google Keyword Rankings ). For a Growing website, Regular Keyword Status check is Important. 

7 Unique Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings, Checking Google Keyword Rankings

For Proper Seo regularly keyword position audit is important So in this post you get 7 free and paid websites to audit your Keyword Position.

In this article, I will explain briefly how you can check your keyword ranking in Google or in any other search engine. To track a keyword both free and paid website there where you can track your website Keywords.

What is Keyword ?

Keyword it comes from “Key’ and ‘Word’, basically to search anything in any search engine Keyword are used by users and the search engine algorithm match the keyword and provides relevant content to the user.

What is Keyword Tracking ?

Keyword nothing but checking of SERP, i mean keyword tracking means the position of your keyword in search engine or your Search Engine Ranking Position.
Simply we say “the strategy to analyze the keyword position using any tool or technique is called Keyword Tracking“.

What is the necessity of Keyword Tracking?

If you want to rank your website or post in the search engine then proper keyword ranking is essential. Due to the numbers of Google’s algorithm the keyword position varies, to rank a certain position in search engine Keyword Tracking is required.

 Checking Google Keyword Rankings

7 Excellent Website for Checking Google Keyword Ranking

You can track any websites keyword easily by using SEO tools or in market varieties of tools there but some tools are free and paid, in this article I will give you both free and paid tools to track a website ranking.

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1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console which is the biggest search engine in the world and you can track your websites all keyword data easily.

You can easily track your website Keyword Ranking by using Google Search Console Performance tab, this tab basically displays your website’s Clicks, CTR, Position, and Impression.

It collects all data from its own server and you get a clean graph that displays all data fully graphical form.

The most important point before checking your keyword position is you have chosen the data range to recent or last 7 days.

Otherwise, it displays you the average Keyword position of the last 3 Monts.

2.SEM Rush

Sem Rush is a popular SEO tool and it has own database where they store the data of different websites.

If you own this tool then you got varieties of tool and for tracking keyword, it can be done in one click. In one click your websites all keywords strategy like ups and downs and your keyword position will also show.

It also give you the search volume of the keyword and more. The downside of semrush is it is so expensive for beginners in blogging.


TheHoth is also a good tool to track your website keyword position and many more. The main reason to choose it in third position is actually i use this tool some times and i saw the result is awesome, its data match nearly to SEMRush. 

The biggest thing is it is absolutely free for any user. You can utilize this tool for Keyword Research, Keyword Tracking and many more features there.


Ahrefs is a well-known tool and its features are amazing. If you are using this to monitor your keyword position clearly.

Keyword research, seo audit and many more features there which makes this tool unique but one issue is it a paid tool and for keyword research, you have required a premium subscription.


SerpRobot tool is a free tool and you can track your targeted keyword easily. For tracking your website keyword it asks your website address and keyword.

It tracks your particular keyword which you want to track. You can track up to 250 results of Google. You can enter multiple keywords to track at a time for free.

6.Small SEO Tool

The Small SEO tool is the best free tool and you get approximately all features of premium SEO tool. You can also download the report of your keyword position.
Small Seo tool is free and you can start Keyword tracking simply by creating a account on small seo tool.


Neilpatels own website which is ubersuggest and it gives you all types of seo tools and you can track your website keyword easily.

Its interface is so clear, you can track your keyword by adding your website in ubersuggest dashboard or by searching your website url in the search tab.

It will display your website all keywords ranked positions and search volume and driving traffic. You can filter your keywords country wise.

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