Top 5 Highest Paying Url Shortener : Earn Form Links

In day to day life, every people uses 100+ links in a day, by surfing the internet or downloading content from the internet. URL Shortener is the best platform to earn from the digital world.

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There are many earning platforms is there but in every platform, you have required a lot of effort but in this platform, effort is nearly equal to zero.  

For starting earning paste your link or in Url shortener and your earning is started. It doesn’t require any paid promotion and optimization.

If you are interested to earn by shortening your URLs then read the full article, i will briefly explain how, which you can start url shortening. 

How URL shortener works

In the world 1.9 Billion or more websites there and websites are gathered by the help of url or link. The main moto of url shortener is produce short url and display an advertisement when link is clicked.

If you shorten your url then an ad will display for 2-5 second, before opening your link. Url shortner websites pay for every who watch the ad through your link.

If i will explain in simple then, url shortner is a website where an advertisement will display those peoples who open the content by referring your link.

Sometimes shortened urls irritate your visitors by displaying ads, so i recommend you to use url shorteners 5% of the total website.

Why use url shortener to shorten links

Different blogs or websites have varieties of link. Some links contains different symbols and it looks ugly thats why no one wants to open it.

For changing the look of ugly url or remove varieties of symbols from the link, use url shorter for good visibility. If you shorten the url then the url easy to readable.

1.Character minimization  

A simple url consists of protocol, domain, directories and webpage. If the directories are increase then the url also increase, so the url becomes ugly and unable to read for human. Thats why character minimization is require.

Top 5 Highest Paying Url Shortener : Earn Form Links 1

2.Shorten urls make sharing easier

Short urls easier to read and easily you can share with other. If you use a complex url then it difficult to read and share. If you share then the link is not attract others because of complicated url.

3. Increase Brand Awarness

You can increase your brand awareness. Some companies allows to add a brand name in url.

How much you can earn from Url Shortener

No one can say how much generate revenue by shortening
url, because it depends on how much traffic visits to your website and what is the rate of your provider.

Only your site traffic depends on earning. If we consider 5000 per day visitor to your website then your monthly visitor is 150000. 

URL shorten website pays $2 for 1000 visitors. From the total monthly visitor, 10000 visitors will browse the url in a month.

Then your total income is $20. So your earning is entirely depends on your traffic drive to shorten link.

5 Highest Paying Unique url shortener websites

To earn more with earning security you have to register unique url shortner sites. Some shortner websites there where it pays $1- $2 fro thousand visitors or more. So i will research  5 unique websites whose paying rate is high.

Miniurl is a popular website and its payment rate is high as compare to other websites. One thing to do start earning in miniurl i.e signup.

bitly url shortner,url shortner google

Its Payout option is available in PayPal, which is available in the whole world.

Key Features

  • It pays up to $250 for 1000 views and its pay rate varies with different countries.
  • Using miniurl dashboard you can mange your links and check traffic is driven from which regions.
  • If a same visitor comes twice to the url then you earn, i mean there is no capping.
  • There is also a referral program that is so unique, once refer anyone and earn rewards lifetime.
  • Its referral program pays 20% of referrals earning.
  • You can withdraw a minimum $5 twice a month in paypal account.

Adshrink is the world’s best shortener because it shares 80% of revenue to the publisher and site takes 20%.

bitly url shortner,url shortner google

You can manage your urls easily and check your earning with proper analytics.In 40+ countries its service is available and all countries have different payout rates for 1000 viesw.

The highest payout rate is $7.5 and the lowest is $1.8, us is the highest-paid country and the lowest is another.

Key Features
  • Adshrink avaliable in 40+ countries with different payout rates.
  • It shares its 80% revenue with publishers.

This website is designed to share links in all platform and its minimum advertising timing is 5 sec.

bitly url shortner,url shortner google

Its signup process is so easy and you can start earning in 1 minute.
Sign up your account and start earning.

You can earn money because its tool is easy to use and anyone use it. gives impressive analytics platform.

Key Features

  • The minimum payout amount is $5.
  • Easiest payout option which was Paypal, payza and Alertpay.
  • Payout rate for this website varies with different countries.
  • You can contact adfly team teasily to enquire about your query.


Clicksfly is the most durable growing company. You can collect your reward in different options paypal, bitcoin, paytm, mobicash and payeer etc.

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By shortening url and referring friends and colleagues you can also earn more money. The referal percentage for earning is 20% for life time.

It views customer satisfaction and advises both payout options that are weekly and monthly.

Key Features

  • Withdraw option is avalaible in both weekly and monthly.
  • Different withdraw options avaliable paypal, bitcoin, paytm, mobicash and payeer.
  • You get 20% commission from the referral.


It is the best url shortener and you can earn a goo income from url shortening. Payout rate of this website is$120 for 10000 views. Some countries there its rate is $14 CPM is avaliable.

url shortner,url shortener,bitly url shortner,url shortner google

Varieties of payout wallet options are available paypal,skrill, upi,bkash etc. 

Key Features

  • Ad format is clean banner ads.
  • Wallets are avaliable paypal,skrill, upi,bkash.
  • Payout daily basic.
  • The minimum payout is $5.
  • Referral is 20%.

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