9 Strategic Tips To Grow on Youtube

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Written By Ramkrishna jena

Looking for Strategies or Foot Prints to Grow your Youtube Channel and grab targeted subscribers quickly? You are at the right spot.

If you are new to youtube or have an old channel don’t worry below content will be guaranteed to help you grow your youtube channel with zero cost. To achieve the target follow the steps – 9 youtube Growth Channel strategies.

Don’t click the back button because I will don’t cover old strategies like using keywords properly, optimizing your profiles properly, and blah blah.

Moreover, to grow your youtube channel you need a good average watch time which will indicate the youtube algorithm to push your video to different users with suggestions. I will talk about those methods…

||9 Strategic Tips To Grow on Youtube

Below, i will cover 9 YT strategies that most YouTubers apply to grow their channel and i strongly feel that if a beginner applies these techniques, then his/her channel definitely got successful.

1. Copy Big Youtubers to Grow on Youtube

In Starting days every YouTuber tries to create unique content and believes that will rank on google but it’s mostly impossible.

In starting days every youtube creator thinks I will do create unique videos which will bring a lot of views for me but it was the wrong perception. The easiest way to create a unique video is to copy some other popular channel videos.

What do you mean? Let me explain to you in the initial days you have a blank mind or have over-filled ideas which will don’t allow you to create a perfect video. So take a popular channel that builds in your niche and take inspiration from that channel.

By copying that channels strategy to create a video and makes videos for you it will help you to grow you. With human psychology, I am giving you an example – People on youtube don’t like videos they like how the creator shares information with him, in a regular way or by doing something unique in the video.

As you are inspired by the popular channel then your videos also not be boring. I think you understand why I have said copy videos.

If you are still thinking about why I copy anyone then the real reason is by copying the videos you got some skills (like- editing, background music, how to visualize the stories to make users engaged, and ….), and your thinking ability also changed like that of channel creators.

The last point copies others’ videos till you don’t learn how to create a video that will engage people, after successfully learning you can start adding your personal taste to the videos.

When you think like a successful person you also be at the path to success

2. Attractive Thumbnail

youtube thumbnail

Lets consider you have created a video by putting your 110% effort and uploaded on youtube and the videos also lots of information. But you see your are don’t getting enough videos as compared to your effort and video quality.

This happen because of human psychology, there are lots of videos there in yt and youtube also display to different users but people will scroll down but not clicking your video.

The reason behind this is human mind attracts to a catchy or attractive image and titles. If you don’t put an attractive thumbnail human mind ignores it so write some attractive words and put attractive image to grab human mind.

I have said put catchy headline it means not you write any thing lie which is don’t there in the video. Write anything but that content must be there in the video.

There are some tools there which helps you to A/B test your thumbnail with different users.

3. Make More Videos

Most YouTubers don’t create more videos because to create a video at first an idea is needed then scripting, shooting , editing and more. To reduce the whole process try to be a multitasker.

Whenever you get ideas notedown immediately in notepad it doesn’t matter you will create video on that or not. With this you have many video ideas and you don’t need to do research.

Try to utilize your free time and reserver multiple script in your hand.

If you upload maximum videos then there is big chance that your channel can grow faster.

4.Make a Video Pattern

Avenger Endgame which is a big superhit movie of Marvel. This movie creates different record before releasing in market why because of suspense (how avenger will reverse all missing peoples).

Now you think how it will help to get more views on youtube.

Create videos in a patterned way where you will inform your viewers to that an amazing video is coming which will help you more than this video.

Lets consider you have a Blogging channel and today you published a video about Search Engine Optimization then in the video ending you speak your audience that the next video this youtube channel is “How you can do SEO with Less Effort”, where you will explain them the uses of Rank Math or Yoast.

Also, don’t forget to ask your users to comment on what video will come out next.

5. Dont focus on Algorithm

Every youtube gives advice that try to increase your average watch time and CTR but its totally not true.

If you compare the videos of Word Affairs then he creates different topic videos but in the last 4 minutes, Unacademy video plays. If we consider his watch time is 50% then because of last 4 minutes his avg watch time reduce to 40%.

Still World Affairs’ every video get more than lakh views. This channel’s video content is good so everyone watches the video and skip the last 4mins.

So the learning from this fifth point is Youtube algorithm is so complex and it depends not only on Average watch time and Ctr but also many more factors.So dont focus on YT algorithm.

6. 2:1 Rule

If you are creating videos only for your audience and dont look on current topics then there is most chance that your channel may dead.

What is 2:1- It means creating two videos for the current audience and one video for trending topics which helps you to grab new subscribers and because the content is trending you get more reach and visibility.

7. Get Free Views

In point 4 I have spoken about pattern videos that will apply on this point. Google wants how the user spends more time on youtube and if your channel helps to do this then google will push your website.

At the end of the video (end screen), there is an option there where you can add your other related videos and if users view your video by clicking on that then your e-ctr increase and this becomes sends a signal to yt algorithm to push your channel.

8. Divide Your Videos

Now some human psychology tests were done where human retention is reducing day by day. To apply this point in your channel start posting short clips on YT shorts or Instagram.

But remember to cut only important parts of your videos and upload in shorts where you will easily gain subscribers and viewers will redirect your channel to watch the whole video.

9. Collaboration with Other Channels

If you are producing informative videos and due to some reason still you don’t get views and subscribers then the easiest way is to collaborate is the easiest option to get plenty of subscribers and views.

You can collaborate easily by cold mail because it is a trend now most channels are using this technique. If your content is too good but users are not watching you because then don’t know you.

This can be tackled using paid ads but using the collabs technique you can do this for free.

How does it work? It works for every channel because this is one kind of free promotion. If your content is good and subscribers realize that then you get many subscribers.

Your front one channel will not charge you because your interview is content for the channel owner.


If you are creating a new YT channel then first developed skills that will help you to grow fast and follow the above 9 points to get success.

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