The Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners.

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Are You an Indian Blogger with tons of traffic? Want to make money from your blog beyond Adsense?

If you want to earn more then I have a great solution for you to make more money along with absence. The platform (affiliate Marketing program) from where you can earn much more as compare to Adsence then this solution is best for you.

It is possible when you have a minimum of 5000 plus visitors per month to your blog or website. The name of the platform name is Affiliate marketing and it pays more than Adsence.

affiliate marketing programs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which a person can sale or market other products (dealer) with her effort and get the fixed commission for that product from the dealer company. Now every e-commerce website having promoted affiliate marketing to increase his sales and gain profit.

How to Monetize And Earn From Cluelinnks :

In this article, I will share everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and cluelinks and how to implement to your blog and monetize it.

For starting the career in the affiliate market you require minimum of 2000 plus visitors to your website. Affiliate Marketing is truly based on the consumer who can consume your product means visitors who can purchase your product from your affiliate links.

What is Cluelinks?   

Cluelinks is a content monetization tool or platform for the publishers or in fact any website that sends outbound traffic to online shopping, travel, finance or matrimony websites. Cluelink website helps publishers to monetize their content in an effective manner and with minimal effort.

If we simply say cluelink is a combination of different Campaigns or affiliate networks in one tool for better monetization. Cluelinks website has 1000+ campaigns for creating affiliate links and earn.

What are the features of Cluelinks? Cluelinks has an attractive dashboard for your all reports like Clicks, transaction, Earning, Commission Rate, etc from all merchants. It also displays a geographical view of your all selling products from your merchants.

Campaigns in Cluelinks :

Cluelinks has 1000+ campaigns for promoting and sell her products. Cluelinks having large E-Commerce Campaigns there like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, MakeMyTrip, BigBasket, AliExpress, etc with a varying payout of every campaign.

affiliate marketing program,affiliate marketing program for beginner

Before going for a monetization step you must know that for proper affiliate marketing you must have a website. Every website contains one domain and hosting. If you have already a website then start monetizing your website.

How to Monetize and Earn :Cluelinks having both website and add monetization there so you can monetize both platforms.How to monetize your website

  • Cluelinks Monetization is so simple Login into your account, if you haven’t any account then Signup and then login.
  • After Login your cluelinks dashboard open, on the left side of your dashboard installation > Javascript option is there click it.
  • You have entered your blog or website address during the period of signup. Now you see that website display in the Installation page and below of the website, a script is there that script can be paste in your website head tag.
  • Now your website is ready for posting affiliate links to your website.

How Cluelinks Works: Cluelinks is a truly based affiliate website that means it pays for seeling his campaigned products to others. Cluelink tie-up withers other E-Commerce companies for promote or selling his product through publishers.

Cluelinks gets a commission for every products which are sell from his link and give as per her respective amount.

Advantages Of Cluelinks :

  • The main advantage of Cluelinks is it has 1000+ Campaigns.
  • You can withdraw your earning directly to your bank account with a single point payout.
  • You can manage your affiliate link for a lifetime.
  • Cluelinks having all king of analytics with graphical sale analytics.
  • Cluelinks has both websites plus app monetization.
  • Cluelinks give all countries affiliates for more earning.
  • It doesn’t take any charge for any service.

Payout of Cluelinks :Cluellinks gives the best payment method for every publisher, it gives direct Bank transfer and it hasn’t any limit of payout. You can add your Bank detail in the page of My Payment detail. You can see your payable earning from left top in main Dashboard.

affiliate marketing programs for beginners

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