What is Amazon Pay Credit Card and how to Apply.

Amazon Launches her own credit card associated with ICICI bank. Amazon Pay Credit Card only for Amazon customers. In 21st generation, credit card made easy for the purchaser.

Amazon launch this card by targetting those customers who want to purchase products using emi but they cant purchase because they dont have credit card.

The name of the credit card in Amazon Pay ICICI Credit card, this Amazon credit card has so many features. If we compare other credit cards then other credit cards have different charges.

Amazon Credit Card | How to Apply | What are the Charges | Amazon Pay credit card

Every one wants to purchase new product like : smartphone, washing machine, television etc, but they dont have much money for purchasing new products. So in E-commerce companies starts a new evoluation that is emi with zero cost.

A credit card allows you to borrow money from your bank for any purchase but some condition begins with the credit cards and then give borrow money.

Bank gives you money for a period of time and you can settle the money with in the bank given period otherwise you will pay some extra charge with the borrowed money.

Table Of Content :-
  • Amazon Pay Credit Card Pros
  • Why Choose Amazon Credit Card
  • Who are eligible for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card
  • Amazon pay icici credit card limit
  • Benefits & Features
  • How to Apply for Amazon Pay Credit card
  • Reward Points in Amazon Pay Credit card 
  • icici amazon credit card customer care number
  • External Link

Amazon Credit Card Pros :-

Pros :
  • You can purchase a product and pay later.
  • “Amazon Credit Card” have zero extra charge.
  • For every purchase on amazon using Amazon Credit Card you get 5% Reward point.
  • The credited reward point will add into amazon pay balance for further use.
  • Amazon Credit Card has free for lifetime. It doesn’t take any extra charges 
                 – Zero Annual Fee
                 – No joining Fee
                 – No Surcharge on fuel purchase
  • On purchase above 3000 rs you use Amazon Credit Card.
  • You can apply with a few seconds.

Amazon Credit Card is the first card who give zero activation fees with lifetime free access. This Amazon Credit card creates more chance for all Indian middle class families 
to buy with no cost EMI.

Who are eligible for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card :-

Amazon Pay credit card is available through ICICI team who can verify your documents and approve your credit card. Amazon Pay icici credit card is only available for Indian customers and is available in some metro cities.

Only selected customers can avaliable this card because amazon team checks the transaction history of every customer who applied for amazon pay credit card. Some customers get notification on their amaxon app for applying amazon credit card.

Over the coming month this card can available in indias every small or big cities for other consumers. 

This card avaliable in both physical and digital form because you can also withdraw, draw fuel in stores. Its advantage is this card dont takes any extra charge for using for fuel payment.

Amazon pay icici credit card limit :-

If you are shopping regularly in amazon then you don’t worry about credit limit because definitely, you got a good credit limit in amazon Pay credit card.

In amazon, the credit limit is varying as per your previous transaction is done with amazon. If you are already a customer of icici bank then you can get amazon pay credit card easily.

You can get good credit score because of your icici bank transaction and you don’t require a verification for getting amazon pay credit card.

Only one thing to do apply for amazon credit card and enter your mobile no then it detects you are a icici customer and ask for your credit or debit card you can enter and everything is done, you have applied for amazon pay credit card.

Benefits & Features :-

If we go for charges then it is full free credit card, it dont take any charge for joininig and zero annual fees for lifetime.

You can earn as much as you want means there is no limitation of earning reward point from Amazon shopping using this card and the earning reward is transferred to your amazon pay balance for use in future shopping.

You can save minimum of 15% on your dining bill at your participating restaurant. A complete waiver of 1% on fuel surcharge on every time you refuel.

This card comes with an embedded microchip which provides additional security against counterfeiting and duplication of the card.

You can withdraw money from atm as well withdraw from other cards but a fixed amount of charge you will pay this charge available for all credit card.You will be required to enter pin for any merchant transaction. Amazon Pay icici card is the same as other credit cards. For more about Chip or security read.

How to Apply For Amazon Credit Card :-

  • Open this link http://amazon.in/cbcc/marketpage.
  • Now Signup with your Amazon Account.
  • Now Amazon Page opens and click Apply Now.
  • Now otp verification page appears verify otp.
  • If you are already using any ICICI banck credit or debit card then enter the number.
  • Now enter your personal detail name,mail,pan etc and click continue.
  • Now you will fill your permenant / office address. Your applicatioin process is completed.
  • After few days icici bank will contact you and come for verify your detail, after your doucment is fully varified the “Amazon Credit Card will deliveried in 2-3 days in to your submitted address.

Reward Points in Amazon Pay Credit card :-

Amazon Pay Credit Card says it pays you back means you have got some reward if you can use this card during purchase. For gaining more customer to amazon pay credit card it launches simultaneously with his credit card.

The moto of reward point is you purchase more product using her credit card and gain reward point as per your criteria. Amazon Pay Varies with their membership.

You got 5% reward if you brought from amazon.com and you must be an Amazon Prime Customer, the purchase must be done with amazon credit card then you got 5% reward point and the rewarded point is transmitted to amazon pay balance.

For  Amazon non-prime customers also get some reward point but the percentage of reward point is 3. Earn 2% reward point on other amazon pay partners merchants by using this card on amazon pay and 1% for other payments.

icici amazon credit card customer care number :-

You dont get much information about  Amazon pay credit if contact with amazon customer care. Amazon pay icici credit card is controlled by icici team for verification and another action of amazon pay icici credit card.

External Links :

For more about terms & conditions: http://j.gs/D7WU

To know more about Chip and PIN security: http://j.gs/D7WV


As per my opening Amazon Pay ICICI Card is best emi credit card and its most attractive point is you can withdraw cash using this emi card and you will get cash points for every purchase using this card.