The 3 Best File Sharing Apps For Android

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File sharing is all we can do with light speed data to our friends but it consumes too much data because of the high-quality picture or videos taken from your smartphone. In this article, I will share with you Best File Sharing Apps that save your data, time and effort.

If we look for the same brand devices then they provide their own sharing path like realme’s – Realme Share, I agree it’s good but this can be possible when you want to share with the same brand device. That’s why to read this File sharing app those are best for your device.

With these apps, you don’t need any internet connection because apps will create local wifi and transfer files from your phone easily.

Best File Sharing Apps That Transfer your File securely For Free

1. Send AnyWhere (File Transfer)

best file sharing app choice number one

If you want to share files from one smartphone to another device whereas it may be your desktop, laptop, or android device. It will work for all. The best part is you don’t need an internet connection for file transfer.

The sharing app is always ready to share any files in one click. This app is different from others because its clean design is easy to use. You can transfer files with Reinforced File Encryption (256-bit).

How to Use this Sharing File App

For Sharing files Sender and receiver, Both devices must have the Send Anywhere application installed. To Start Sharing process choose Sender Send option and the Receiver Receive option.

Now Sender Select File and Click Send and to Receive files receiver Will enter 6 digit code or Scan the Bar code of sender.

Congratulation Your File is Transferred……

Download App – Android & IOS

2. Files by Google

best file sharing app choice number two

Files by Google or previously this app is known as Files Go, this app is really popular File transfer app. This app is developed and owned by Google. In starting days this app gives a Scratch card For Gpay (Google Pay) for the first file transfer.

Files by Google is available for android and you can transfer all files with android to android. This app is not available for pc but the file transfer speed was amazing and you don’t imagine the speed. Because Google was Designed this app so its size is only 12MB.

This app has multi-feature inside this app can be used as a File transfer app as well file manager app. Its UI is so easy and easy to use.

If you want to clone any app to create two accounts then you can read the list of best app cloners.

1 Billion Plus Download in Play Store with 4.6 Start rating and I personally use this because of its size and UI.

Download App – Android

3. ShareMe

best file sharing app choice number three

ShareMe is also a Great transfer file app and you might be used if you use Redmi smartphones. ShareMe is developed by Xiaomi and this comes with every Xiaomi device.

With this File sharing app, you can share images, videos, Apps & other files between two smartphones. SmarMe App has 1B plus Download with 4.5 Star rating.

Xiaomi makes this app’s UI Beautiful with amazing icons. It’s an Ad-Free app so Don’t worry you don’t get any ads inside ShareMe.

Download App – Android & IOS


If you are using a smartphone whether android or ios you should have any of these apps to make sure you don’t waste your time and data sharing your precious photos. For any query comment below and don’t forget to give your opinion.

What is file-sharing in an Application?

A file-sharing application is an application that will help to send your files from your smartphone to another.

Which one is the best file-sharing app?

Personally, I was using Files By Google but if you want to transfer to pc then Send AnyWhere is best

Was File Sharing applications use date in time of Sharing

Few apps use data in the time of sharing but my give lists use local wifi to share files and you don’t need an internet connection for that.

Do we use Prebuild Sharing option or not?

If your smartphone gave any inbuilt sharing option then use it there is no problem but with that option, you can share with the same brand smartphones.

That’s why I suggest you 3 best file sharing apps you must have on your device.

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