Buy a Domain in Cheap Price by the Help of Godaddy 99 Promo Code

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Godaddy 99 Promo Code

Internet is a basic need for human, in today’s life internet behaves like a basic need and maximum human uses the internet for various purpose. If an unknown question arises in a people’s mind then first he searches the question un google, google serves some relevant content to the user, whose medium is the domain name.

All contents of the internet are stored in hosting and it can display to users by the help of domain name. Domin is the identity of the blog which is the name of the website. Now we come to the actual point of the article how I buy a domain name at a cheap price using Godaddy 99 Promo Code.

Godaddy Promo Code,Godaddy Promo Code

In the modern cutting edge, there are multiple options available to purchase a domain name, but every people prefer to buy a domain from a trusted domain registrar at a cheap price.

It means a buyer wants to purchase a domain form serviceable owner which gives you customer care support 24×7. In this article, I will suggest more than one promo code, all the Godaddy Promo Codes are 100% working you can use these promo codes you can buy a domain in 99 Rs.

Who is Godaddy?

Godaddy is an international domain registrar company and it sells domain and hosting to users. Godaddy is famous for her cheap price domains, i mean you get domains in cheap price.

How much does GoDaddy Charges For a Domain 

Godaddy is a domain registrar there is no fixed rate for domains, the domain prices vary with domain priority and for every TLDs ( Top-Level Domains) it charges as per reputation.

What types of Domain Available In Godaddy?

Basically, you get all kinds of TLDs in Godaddy and every domain has a different price. In Godaddy .com,.in,,.org,… and many more domains available in Godaddy.

Godaddy Promo Code – 1

For increasing sale Godaddy avails a different kind of Promo codes For users, promo codes are release some price from total price.
This below Promo code is used for buying a domain from Godaddy in 99 rs. Using this Code You can buy a domain for 1 Year.

| GDD99COM1 |  OR  | GDD99COM2 |

How to Apply this Promo Code in Godaddy

The first condition of this promo code is you must have a fresh Godaddy account, it means you don’t purchase any Godaddy products from that account.

Now search your domain and add it into your cart.

The step where you apply promo code, on the payment page you get an option to apply promo code click it.

Buy a Domain in Cheap Price by the Help of Godaddy 99 Promo Code,Godaddy 99 Promo Code

After clicking copy the Code “GDD99COM1” code and enter into the box.

Godaddy Promo code,Godaddy 99 Promo code,Buy a Domain in Cheap Price by the Help of Godaddy 99 Promo Code,Godaddy 99 Promo Code

Change domain purchase time to 1 Year.

The important step which does not work if you don’t do currently,  scroll down the cursor down and change your currency from your country to “USD” and wait a second.

Buy a Domain in Cheap Price by the Help of Godaddy 99 Promo Code,Godaddy 99 Promo Code

Now your page was refreshed automatically and your price is changed in the dollar which is $1 or between $2.

Now you can complete your payment using a credit card. If you don’t have credit card then you can’t redeem this offer.

Important Points to Remember

  • To redeem this offer it requires a new account or a godaddy account that hasn’t any previous transaction.
  • Always choose the domain purchase period for 1 year.
  • Change the currency to USD.
  • You only complete the Payment using Credit card Only.
  • If this offer doesn’t work then try this code in another fresh account.

Note – These codes are used for a limited time so if it might not work then consider that codes are expired.


Now you definitely purchase a domain from Godaddy at a low price. If you successfully buy your domain then don’t forget to comment on your opinion regarding this article.

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