WordPress Vs Blogger: Decide Which One is better Answered

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Blogging is the place where you write some information to help others or share your personal experience but the question is which one is the best WordPress Vs Blogger.

You will get all the answers about bloggers or WordPress so read the full post.

If we look for blogging history then the first blog was started 26 years ago by Justin Hall & her first blog is Link.net. In these days there are many blogging platforms available both free and paid few are –

  • Blogspot
  • WordPress
  • Medium
  • Tumbler 
  • … more

There are 600 Million blogs that are there in the world and it comes from different platforms. If you have a blog or are interested to create a blog in the future then you get the idea of which blogging platform is perfect for you.

If you don’t know What is Blog? then you must read first because it helps you to understand the best.

Some questions also arise in your mind “Which platform is best for me WordPress or Blogger”, What benefits I get if I choose blogger or WordPress. If the above questions arise in your mind then don’t worry in this post you will get your all questions solutions and Comparison between WordPress Vs Blogspot

WordPress or Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger the Best platform for A new blogger

 WordPress and Blogger both have millions of users and it is a little bit difficult to decide. Some users like Blogger because of her features and some of the users like WordPress due to her increased power & features.

Now few questions rendering in your mind if both are best then “Which one I choose”, don’t worry I give some usual comparisons which will give you the right idea to choose the best blogging platform.

If you are a newbie then before starting you must have some idea about Domain & hosting. You can start your first blog in Blogger to get an initial idea of blogging and then the benefit of the blogger is you don’t pay a single fee to start a bog.

Blogger avails free subdomain plus hosting and you can download the free theme according to your niche. You can also customize that theme according to your uses. Alternatively, you can choose a self-hosted website where you will use WordPress CMS to create a professional blog.

For starting a blog in WordPress you have to purchase hosting. Now the choice is yours if you have some funds then I suggest starting your blog in WordPress because you get advanced features, which boot up your experience.

Detail Comparison Between WordPress Vs Blogger

  • If you start a website in WordPress then definitely buy hosting and custom domain but in Blogger you don’t have to pay a single rupee for hosting or subdomain.
  • In WordPress, you can make advance level customization and change your blog look but in Blogger you can customize your blog but you don’t get an option for advance level customization.
  • A WordPress user requires to set up a database for WordPress CMS installation in her host but in blogger, you get a clean dashboard and it doesn’t require to create any manual database, after setup of account you can create multiple blogs directly.
  • WordPress has numbers of plugins and themes which offers a advances level blogging but in blogger, you can download various theme as per your niche but any kind of plugins not available to simplify your work.
  • You have to update plugins, themes manually in WordPress but in blogger any kind of update not require.
  • In both platforms paid and free theme available and support will vary according to which theme you purchase.
  • You can create unlimited pages and posts in both WordPress & Blogger there is no certain limitation.
  • WordPress and blogger both support custom widgets which helps to add extra features to a blog.
  • In WordPress, you have to purchase a custom domain but in you get a free subdomain in bogger, if you want to add your custom domain in blogger then it redirects from your created subdomain to custom domain.
  • Both platforms support Adsense or any other ad network monetization but blogger comes with integrated Adsense advertising tools.
  • In WordPress, all the control is in your hand but in a blogger has a Google-owned platform if you do any kind of spam then there is a chance Google can delete your website. 

If you decided on which platform you start your blog then Congrats. To make money from your blog you need to place ads on your site but for that AdSense, approval is needed so read the best Adsense approval Guide.

I explained 11 major key differences between WordPress & Blogger. After reading the above comparisons unusual questions may be rendered in your mind, I will give some Q & A below about Wp Vs Blogger.

If your query will solve after reading below q & a then comment below. If your question is not there in the below Q & A then you can Comment your questions I will do your questions answer between 1 to 2 days. 

Q & A: WordPress Vs. Blogspot

1. Is Blogger gets Fast Adsense Approval!

You might think blogger is Google’s own platform that’s why google gives fast AdSense approval, no your thinking was wrong because google always looks for quality content that helps users. If your website is don’t approved with Adsense then you can check the Adsense approval trick. 

2. Which one is easy to use?

Compare to WordPress blogger is easy because WordPress has been installed manually then you have to require setup then if you face any error then you contact your hosting provider or WordPress team.

3. If a blog is in Blogger then it is hard to rank?

The answer is no, the reason is google doesn’t see what hosting you have google looks for quality content if you have then your post must rank.

4. How I shift my blog from Blog to WordPress?

Google always tries to give good features to its users that’s why Blogger has an option to export your content from Blogger to WordPress. 

5. Can I get Adsense Approval in Blogspot free domain?

Yes, obviously blogger has a special tab “Earning” after you fulfill all the requirements of Adsense you can directly from that tab.

The Best one to make more money online

If we consider then you earn money on both platforms but in WordPress you get more customization facility which multiplies your earning.

Blogger vs WordPress for Making Money which one is best?

Already I explained in blogger you cannot customize ads according to your need which decreases your revenue but in WordPress, you put your ad any place and customize in your need which increases your revenue “The Winner is WordPress” .


If you have read the above article and still you don’t decide the right one don’t worry if you are a newcomer into blogging or don’t want to invest in blogging then the right choice for you is Blogger.

For new bloggers, you will start your blog in blogger still Adsense approval after Adsense approval you can shift to WordPress. The most important point is in blogger you get a free SSL certificate for a lifetime and the minimum cost of an SSL certificate is 1200 to 2000 rs.

If you know all about blogging, SEO and all then you must shift towards WordPress because you get lots of plugins that give you advanced features which makes your blogging experience easier.

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