How to Delete a Blog on Blogger

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger Using Blogger Setting

Blogger or some of we say Blogspot is the best platform for newbie bloggers because it’s free. Blogger is only one platform where subdomains monetize.

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger,delete blog on blogger

Have you decided to delete blog on blogger permanently?

Blogger is Googles’s best platform where any user can create their blog and share their experience with few steps. Blogger is a fully free blogging platform and you get a subdomain from blogger to run your blog.

We can say the first step of a blogger is creating a free blog in blogger and learn all about blogging. Also, I started my journey from this then after I shifted to WordPress.

If You decided to delete a blogger blog then there must be a valid reason behind this.

I guess the following reason behind deleting your free blogger blog

  • You Choose a Wrong Niche
  • the subdomain you choose is not good
  • You are not getting time to manage it

If you decided then you Follow the steps to How to Delete a Blog on Blogger.

To delete a Blog you don’t need to delete your Google or Blogger account. I give an easy track which helps you to delete a particular blog.

Let’s Start…

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger

#STEP – 1

Open and login into your blogger via mail.

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger Using Blogger Setting,open blogger

#STEP – 2

Log in that mail where the blog is available.

#STEP – 3

Now select that blog you want to delete. You see your blog option is there in the left top of the blogger.

select blog

#STEP – 4

Open setting and open the option ‘Others’.

open setting and others

#STEP – 5

Now Delete your blog option is come but don’t delete because if you click delete then your all data available on that blog delete as well. So export your all data of your blog.

#STEP – 6

Click the option Delete Your Blog and Delete your blog permanently.

blogger blog delete

Congracts you learned How to delete a Blogger Blog.

If you follow above steps then you delete your blog in a minute but some important pooints you need to remember that are –

  • Backup your blogs all Posts and pages.
  • That subdomain will delete after 90 Days for forever.

FAQ Relates to Blogger Blog Delete

  1. Can i recover my blog once i delete?

    Yes you can, according to google you need to take recover before 90 days from deletion.

  2. Is there any way I can delete my entire blog if I forgot my username?

    Open my account in Google and click on privacy and personalization. Now select delete your product section where you get an option to delete your blogger/blogspot account.

Final Words

I think you understand how you delete a blogger blog and the things you to do to secure that blog’s data. If you have any query regarding that then comment below

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