Youtube Shorts Coming Soon to Compete with TikTok

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Written By Ramkrishna jena

According to some surveys in future the Video Content is more preferable as compared to other content. Because of this many companies try to develop that kind platform which entertain or give some information to peoples.

youtube shorts,yt shorts,Youtube Shorts Coming Soon to Compete with TikTok

I think you may know about TikTok, which is a short video platform. TikTok was started in September 2016 and it has 8 Million active users worldwide.

According to some information, to compete with TikTok youtube planning to release a short video platform, it may come with some external app or it will add in youtube as a feature.

The name of the app may be Youtube Shorts or YT Shorts, You will upload short videos of some seconds.

Now the question is if Youtube Shorts launch then it give monetization feature or don’t give like TikTok.

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