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The Internet is a medium that connects with the whole world and you can explore anything in the form of content. Now you think why I explain about the internet because you can access all the features of the internet using a browser.

Opera Browser

We can say the internet is like a road and the browser is like a car, we can’t complete our journey without a car that’s why the browser is important.

In the world, various browsers available and every browser have some unique features with a different interface, but every browser has one common feature which is browsing, i mean you can search anything using a browser.

Opera browser is a web browser that is developed by opera software and this software is available for microsoft windows, android, ios, macos, and the open os Linux.

5 Amazing Features of Opera Browser

Opera is a really an amazing browser and you get the best feature which is inbuilt vpn.

1.Opera VPN

Vpn is important for a browser to browser securely with hiding your ip from another website, it may be an inaccessible or protected site (design for a specific country).

opera browser,Opera mini download

You get a free vpn in opera or opera mini browser and you don’t require any external plugin, the vpn has free of cost and you dont require any external subscription.

How to Active

If you want to activate vpn in opera then follow the step as it is
Menu –> Settings –> Privacy –> VPN
If you already enabled the vpn then you get a “VPN” icon on the address bar like a trigger, for turning on vpn click the trigger and turn on.

2.Opera Ad Blocker

First thing if you want to browse smoothly then the browser requires to block unwanted ads which is possible when an ad blocker is available in a browser.

The opera browser has an inbuilt adblocker that blocks ads for the smooth running of browsing. The adblocker is also availed by opera team that’s why it runs faster in the browser.

3.Battery Saver

Battery Saving is an important key point for every device. Using Opera battery saver you get the exact time that the opere run. If you have low battery then using this feature you can save some battery. According to the Opera team, the opera browser runs up to 35% longer with the battery saver on.

opera mini browser,opera browser

How to Active

The process to turn on opera battery saver is easy, you get a battery icon on the top right side click it and on the battery saver.


If you are use browsing as well chatting then this feature will simplify your problem. Using this feature you can use browsing and chatting simultaneously.

opera mini browser

You get all chatting plugin in the left sidebar to access any message faster. If some member special for you then you may pin the person.

5.Instant Search

From its name, it entitles you can search with an instance of time. 
This feature is included according to customer satisfaction, you dot require to open google number of times.

opera mini browser,opera browser

You can simply by clicking “ALT+Space” open instant search or clicking left search icon. If you have many tabs opened in opera browser then for finding tabs you may use instant search.

Download Opera Browser

Opera browser is available for all types of os it may be android or ios. This software is available for free of cost and there is zero hidden subscription.

1.Download Opera for Windows

Opera is available for windows with free to download, you can download the offline or online installer for windows from opera official site.

If you want to experience beta features of opera then you maybe install opera beta software. If you want to use an opera browser without installing in your pc then you can try opera portable browser.

2.Download Opera for Android

I think you know how to download and install opera browser in android device. The best store to download browser opera is play store, you get the latest opera browser and time to update.

Opera browser is available with different configurations according to device configuration. If your device config is good then download opera otherwise download opera mini.

3.Download Opera for Mac

In mac you also get both options to download the offline or online installer. Opera is available for free of cost and you can download opera from opera browser site.

4.Download Opera for Linux

Linux is a open-source operating system and this browser is best for linux os. You can download opera in normal form or as per your preferred package “RPM” and “SNAP”.

If you want to install Opera as a beta or developer version then Downlaod.

Without installing Opera in your pc use opera browser as a portable browser Download.

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