Speed Up Your Website Using Image Optimization Technique | Reduce Website Loading Time

If you know SEO then you definitely know about image compression or image optimization for your website. In an article or website, images take a huge role to rank in google.

image optimization

If a post is explained using images with text then visitors can understand easily but a post contains only images or only texts then the user may be quite after 3-4 paragraphs.

If you have written a seo friendly content then the human brain easily understands what was written and doesn’t quite form post, thats why seo friendly content is important.

If your site load time is high then it may happen due to large images ( un optimize images). Google also ranks those posts or websites whose user engagement is more.

I mean if a visitor opens your post and it takes more time to load then your visitor quit from your website which affects your bounce rate (increases).

Google considers if any website has a high bounce rate then the content of the website is not good. If your bounce rate increases then it affects your website.

That’s why website optimization techniques used whose main reason is to decrease the website loading speed. In this post, i will briefly explain what is image compression or image optimization and how you specify your website.

What is Image Compression or Optimization?

Image compression is the technique used to reduce the size of an image without losing its quality. Image Optimization is a seo technique used for speed loading an image and it converts the image into user-friendly whose effects to the post to rank in google.

How to Optimize an Image

There are many techniques are available to optimize an image but in this modern cutting edge, everyone wants to complete in few clicks. The actual method to compress an image using photoshop who is the valuable photo editor software for pc.

But in the modern edge, most of the people use online tools to compress images. An online image optimization tool is easy to use and anyone can simply reduce the size of an image with few clicks, If your website is slow due to large images then continue reading.

Image Optimization Technique

There are main 4 steps available for image optimization and i will explain below

1.Write Title of Every Image

This is the first step for image optimization and always try to give names to all images available in the post. Crawlers of every search engine always crawl all content available in the post.

It crawls texts as well as images and its titles, if you write the image title relevant to the post then your image may be rank in search engine which drives huge traffic to your website.

As an example, if you are writing an article regarding a Nobel and you write the image title as a Nobel name, in that particular niche search available content is less then it may be your post as well as image also rank.

<img src=”http://www.example.com” title=”Nobel”>

2.Use Alt attribute

An alt attribute is used for crawlers, crawlers always scan alt attribute of the image to understand the image. If you really want to rank the post then it takes a deep place for ranking.

 Google crawler always scans image title and alt text to exactly consider the image category and the article is written for which exact keyword.
<img src=”http://www.example.com/nobel.jpg” title=”Nobel” alt=”Nobel”>

3.Compress image

2 Websites To Optimize Images With Few Clicks

There are many websites there whose main motive is to compress large images easily. Both websites are free to use,  Image compressing websites are


image optimization
Shortpixel is the best image optimizer website and it has WordPress plugin available for direct image optimization. You get both paid and free plans for image optimization. This Website support jpeg, png, and gif for compression. You can compress 100 images in a month for free if your requirement is more then you mac choose paid plans.

Website – Shortpixel


Image Optimization
Compress.io website can compress and optimize an image up to 90%. This website supports 4 file formats jpg, png, gif, and svg. If you want then your compressed file will directly store into your dropbox or google drive. There is no limitation in image compression.

Website – Compress.io


Toolur is the merged image adjustment website and this website avails varieties of features for an image you can compress an image if the size of the image is large and also you can resize according to photo dimension. This website supports jpg, png, and bmp.

Website – Toolur

4.Dimension Of Image

image Optimization

Always try to use images according to post, if you are writing a post whose niche is affiliate then you may use a large size image, some technical posts then medium size image.

Your size of the image always raises the post, if you place images with userfriendly then your website user engagement will increase. Humans are always easily understood with images and videos thats why try to post images with good dimension.

How to check Website Loading time

In market varieties of free and paid tools available but i will explain the free method which is Google Speed Insight. You can check your webpage speed test for both desktop and mobile and this tool display you the load time of the webpage.

You can also check your webpage diagnostics, if your website is faster then you don’t require audit & diagnostics but if your website is slow then you can check which data takes more time to load and you can resolve easily and increase your website speed.