How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything

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How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything is it possible. 

The answer is “Yes

Now in your mind, you get lots of questions like others, but don’t worry, I will short out all your queries in this article.

There are thousands of doors there to earn money without spending a single penny. But I will explain the legit ways to make money online.

I and personally implement the Given All Practices, and it works for me.

Everyone needs money, and it was 100% true; it means not you started putting your effort into any task without looking at its future.

Most of are watch videos on youtube are read articles on how to earn online but they don’t implement after gaining the knowledge.

I agree with those publishers who post content regarding online earning; mosts are legit. You also saw some content on the internet, which brings lots of money to you.

You can earn, but you need proper implementation and effort.

Here I will give you a Bright Blueprint. You need to Follow to Earn money without investing anything.

Best Ideas To Earn Money Online In 2020 ( Personally Implemented )

So what you need to start earning online is Skills. Every person has some skill, and here I will guide you on how you will Monetize.

Remember, “Your Skill Brings Money For You” so try to Improve and Perfect Your Skill.

Here is a list of options where you put your skill to earn online quickly.


If you have some skill and want to monetize that, then you work as a Freelancer. I also start my carrier with freelancing, but it needs a skill set to become a Freelancer.

Freelancing is the best option to earn start working online without investing anything. To start this, you need a laptop and an internet connection.

It doesn’t matter who you are; whether you are a student, housewife, part-time worker, or full-time worker, you invest your little bit time to earn a second income.

If you don’t know about freelancing, then I explain in short.

Freelancers or Freelancing workers are self-employed workers, and they work for you as a temporary or for particular tasks. 

Many websites are there where you list your skills—websites like Fiverr,, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and more.

upwork freelancing patform
freelancing platform
freelancing platform

Best Freelance Websites For Beginners

On this website, you complete small tasks like photo editing, data entry, or more. The best thing is if you satisfy your client, then you get High Budget Projects and become a trusted Freelancer for him.

My favorite platform is Fiverr, and I suggest you start your journey with Fiverr. I earn 1000+ dollars from fiver in a month by investing less than 6 hours. 

If you don’t believe it, then see my earning report.

In Fiverr, you sell your services with your pricing tag, and I love this. Your services can vary from $5 to $995+.

My total earnings from Fiverr is $1216 and all are from one GiG. Here is the Proof –


In fiverr, thousands of gigs are there, and many people struggle to get their first order but don’t worry. I will explain how you get your first order and achieve your dream.

Low Competition High Demand Fiver Skills List

1.A▸Web Designing Using WordPress

Web designing is a High-income skill, and its demand is huge because everyone wants to bring their business or brand online. 

Now you are thinking, how could i learn web designing? It’s so easy.

You don’t need to learn any web development language like HTML, CSS, PHP, or Js. I have an easy way to create a fantastic website with zero investment.

Have you heard about WordPress? which is the best content management system, in my opinion. In WordPress, you start your website in a few steps.

If you don’t know how to start a website or blog then read How to Make a Blog with Zero Coding Skill

If you created a gig in Fiverr, “I will Setup Your Website,” then you have another opportunity that belongs to its sub-category fiver high demand skills.

The Sub Skills Are

1.Logo Design

In this gig you will design Logo for buyer.

2.Search Console Submission

You will submit your buyers website in Search Consoles like Google, bing, & yahoo

3.Featured Image Design

You offer your buyer to purchase an eye-catching featured images for their blog.

There are so many other skills are there you need to research the opportunities and then after create gigs.

1.B▸Video Editing

Video Editing is so so so much demanding skill because every big company putting their video content. As compared to any other content video content are more amazing and people prefer to watch a review of product as compare to an article.

If you go to fiverr and search for video editing then you don’t imagine how much those editors charge. If you have interest in video editing then start learning how Video Editing Done.

If you are interested in Video editing but don’t know in initial days which software i use then read “BEST VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARES FOR NEWCOMERS“.

1.C▸Virtual Assistant

Now peoples are so busy and they don’t want to waste their time for some simple tasks, so they hire a person who can done that and that people is called virtual assistants.

Mainly virtual assistants work remotely and complete tasks. Few examples like they manage your social handels and charge for that according to your contracts.

Virtual Assistant Works –

a.Social Media Managment

b.Email Managment

c.Website Managment

d.Administrative Work


To become a Virtual assistant your List your profile on Upwork, Peopleperhour, flex job and more.

Before listing your profile make your profile regarding your skills so you easily get job.

2.A▸Online Surveys

If i say true then my first earning will come from a survey site and earn rupees 300. The best thing is i don’t put much effort to earn this amount, i just spend 10-15 minutes daily only.

You don’t imagine some surveys sites pays $0.5 to $1  per survey. You can say if you put your 15 minutes effort to fill a survey then you earn $1 easily.

If you have free time and want to earn by listening a song  or by talking with your loved once then survey sites are best.

Even i tell you one Amazing online surveys that pay cash directly to your Paypal account or Amazon Gift Voucher instantantely after completion of survey.

Before dive into Best Online survey sites that pay you know little bit about survey sites and how they works.

What is Survey sites? 

We can say survey sites are one kind of opinion sites. In survey sites you get some survey according to your profile details. The surveys sites take your data for some research or to analyze market.

In one-line we say we fill some information, opinion and in behalf of that survey sites pays.

How Survey Sites Works?

Survey sites principle is so simple they hosts surveys of others and pays you for the survey completion.

2 Best Online Survey Sites That Actually Pay

If you search on Google ‘best survey sites’ then you get so many articles where you see list of more than 20 best sites, but i do deep research and bring 2 Best Online Survey Sites That Actually Pay.

I sign up on nearly 25 plus survey sites and work for 30 days consistently, then after i satisfied with these best 3 online survey sites where you get more surveys with high payout.

So Begin,

When i started my journey with survey sites then i start from but if you search this website on google then you don’t found. The reason is this survey company name was changed to

But now i get a golden site where you will get more as compared to Ysense.

The First Survey Site Is Surveytime….

1.SurveyTime –

Surveytime is an us-based company and it’s a truly legit website and when i test this site i earn $1 daily by putting my 10-15 minutes only.Share URLs and Strat Earning

The best thing i like on surveytime is it Gives you $0.5-$1 survey and it doesn’t have any wallet so you can withdraw you earning instantly after completing your survey.

If you sign up un other surveys sites then you need to visit the survey site daily to check is any survey available for you but in surveytime you will notified by email when any fit survey available for you.

Even after getting mail you don’t need to go to her website to start the survey, you will get the survey link on your mail.

Some Wondrous features that make this website unique from other websites are –


  • Get High Paid Survey Varies $0.5 – $1
  • Email Notification For Every Survey
  • Withdrawal Instantly to PayPal, Payoneer & Amazon Card

Sign Up Now!

2.Ysense –

Ysense is my first site where i start working and earning. In 2016 i withdraw $5 as a Gift card from Ysense. If you work upon ysense then you have so many options to work on it.

Ysense is combo of different tasks and most of the peoples are earning from ysense. Here is the screenshot

ysense tasks earning

The best feature i like of ysense is if you don’t want to fill surveys then you can earn good amount by installing different offers and they will pay for.

In this site you get 3 options to earning 1.Surveys, 2. Offers and 3.Tasks. In Survey you fill survey if that complete successfully then the amount will credited into your Ysense wallet.

If you don’t want to fill surveys then the alternative to earn same amount by completing different offers, in offer section you get point for app install and you can redeem that point easily.

Last but not least Tasks this are high paying tasks. In task section you get so many high-paying tasks where you need to compete that tasks according to their need. On every task you get a documentation and that will help you how to complete the task.

Here all offers are don’t need any investment and to start work on it you need an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

Now i am revealing a Smart Way Where you will make a lot of money without working. In this method you don’t need to put anything but earn so much.

The Best way to make money from Ysense is from Referral. If your initial days you work hard and bring some results on ysense or you influence your friends or colleagues to sign up into ysense then you don’t imagine how much you earn without investing your time and money.

You start earning passively, you earn commission from their earning. That’s Why “How to earn money online without paying anything” matches with this site.

– You Earn $0.10 or $0.30 for Every Sign Up.

-For Every Survey,task & Offer Completion you get 20%.

You also visit ysense blog to get idea how earn more.

ysense referral, affilfiate

Start Earning Passively- Sign Up NoW!

In this site 4 payout options are available –

-PayPal -Payoneer -Skrill -Reward Link India  

If you really want to earn from Zero Investment then Sign Up Now…..

Final Words:

In the digital field you don’t imagine the scope of earning but you just need the proper guidance, so if you are a beginner and don’t have any skill then learn some skills but if you have skill and want monetize it then just search on Google how to monetize.

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