Jio Charges 6 paisa Per Minute | Now Jio Calls are Chargable | You will Pay For Jio Outgoing Calls

Jio is India’s largest telecom network with huge customers. Jio is the Indias first telecom operator who servers unlimited calls and data validity to customers.

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Jio OutGoing Calls are Paid

 Now jio outgoing call to another telecom operator is chargeable, jio announces it affects for all jio customers. If you make a call to jio customer then you dont pay any extra fee to jio but if you call to another operator then you must pay an IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge) charge of 6 paisa/minute.

What is IUC?

“Interconnect Usage Charge” form its sign its explains it is type of charge which was regulated by TRAI.

This charge is avail for all telecom operators and every telecome operator pays this charge to trai. The main funda of this charge is if One sim operator is call to another sim operator then the caller company will pay a fee to call receive company.

As a example one “Jio” customer will make call to “Airtel” customer and they will talk 1 minute, then jio will pay a fee to trai as a rule of IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge).

Simply if one network is connected with another network then the first operator pay a charge that is IUC.

What effects after effecting IUC in Jio?

There is no major change after applying IUC in jio because most of operator have jio sime and the iuc charge will apply when you call to another operator excluding jio.

Jio will charge a 6 paisa/minute which is 3rs for an hour, already jio has top up plans but some modification is there in the pack.

Jio IUC Packs

Jio modifies her previous top up plans and the plans are available for customer as IUC plans. Jio changes her top up plans and the plans are

IUC Top-Up Voucher Amount (Rs.) IUC Minutes (non-Jio networks) Free Data Entitlement (GB)
10 124 1
20 249 2
50 656 5
100 1,362 10

Jio will tries to give better service to customer thats why if you recharge 10rs then you get 124 min outgoing calls to other operators with 1 Gb data. All plans explain the above table.

If we compare previous plans then 3GB data price is 51rs but in 10 Rs you get 124 minute and 1GB data.

Why is Jio Doing This

There is no mistake of jio, according to some report jio pays 13,500 cores for iuc charge to TRAI. TRAI tries to make zero IUC charge before 2020.

When the IUC charge will stop in Jio

If TRAI cancels the IUC in 2020 then the IUC charge in jio will stop from that day.

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